Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentines Day-Some Advice on Relationships

10 tips to bring romance to your relationship...
1. Communicate-talk together and share feelings and perspectives.
2. Get over any anger and resentment from past experiences.
3. Make your partner a priority in your life.
4. Be romantic yourself. Don't wait for your partner to be romantic first.
5. Open up your heart.
6. Be Spontaneous and creative and frequently try something new together.
7. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable--give love first.
8. Create a special space for the two of you whenever possible to develop intimacy.
9. Be respectful to each other both privately and in public.
10. Be passionate and share inspirations within the relationship.

....and 10 ways to lose that lovin' feeling!
1. Not communicating -keeping everything bottled up inside.
2. Not showing you care about your partner's problems, dreams and hopes.
3. Poor hygiene, such as infrequent bathing, lack of care with appearance.
4. Constant criticism without occasional praise and support.
5. Slovenly habits or, conversely, being too neat.
6. Lack of respect and admiration, especially in public.
7. Forgetting birthdays and other special occasions.
8. Sexual selfishness.
9. Dishonesty and irresponsibility.
10. Lack of a sense of humour.
....Happy Valentines Day!


Proactive Rants said...

good advice -pretty obvious -but often forgotten

Q-jumpers said...

Men who don't understand shouldn't judge

Vicki Swanton
Opinion - Friday, February 11, 2005 @ 08:00

Though I know of course there is such a thing as freedom of choice and I know I have a choice to watch any T.V. channel I want or listen to any radio station I want and if I don't like it than I can have the freedom to change it.

There are just sometimes though, that no matter how much you hate what you are listening to, you still feel compelled to listen.

That is how I feel when I listen to a radio station that is based out of Buffalo, NY.

That is the station that Howard Stern is on in the morning, although not for much longer.

There is something about Howard Stern that drives me insane, yet at the same time, almost every morning when I am driving to work I always seem to flip that station on.

On my way home from work one day this week, I was listening to this station and heard the evening DJ talking about men and the "fat chicks" they date.

As I continued to listen, I could feel my hands clenching tighter around the steering wheel.

There was a young woman that called up and said she was 5'1" that weighed 130 pounds.

The DJ, along with another male caller were saying rude things to her and telling her that is she didn't lose weight soon, her husband would dump her.

The other caller kept referring to this woman as fat, chubby and a number of other names that I will not repeat in this column.

I was so angry listening to this, not only for the reason that I am not 5'4" and 110, but because men always seem to judge women for their weight so easily when they don't have the slightest clue what woman go through.

Men do not get pregnant, so they don't have to lose the "baby fat," it is statistically proven that in general women have a slower metabolism than men and men don't seem to understand that they were built completely different than woman.

That is the part that seemed to bother me the most.

I mean I could understand a little bit better if it was women calling because at least they have some understanding.

So when I heard those men calling the show and talking about how much a woman should weigh it makes me very angry.

In my opinion, this woman that called up was a very respectable weight, so maybe she may have been slightly overweight as she was only 5'1", but in no way could she be fat.

from the sisterhood