Saturday, February 19, 2005

You’re NOT Getting The Whole Story On Hysterectomies


You’re NOT Getting The Whole Story On Hysterectomies...

6 out of 10 doctors fail to tell women they have less invasive alternatives—according to a new study. Are you being deliberately left in the dark?

When your doctor recommends a hysterectomy, are you sure you’re being offered every surgical option? The answer may be an alarming "no"—according to a recent study.

Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed every year in the United States. It’s second only to Caesarean deliveries as the most frequently performed major abdominal surgery for women. And a recent survey of gynecologists revealed that at least 6 out 10 doctors failed to inform their patients that they could undergo a less invasive form of hysterectomy that would NOT involve the removal of the cervix.

This could be an important factor in preserving a woman’s urinary, bowel and sexual activity—functions often damaged by a total hysterectomy. This lesser surgery also has a faster recovery time and involves a shorter stay in the hospital. For the full, eye-opening story, see page 324.

Don’t you deserve to know about all your healing choices? Of course, you do.
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Drug company should provide free service?

Hamilton: "Drug companies treating Fabry patients unfairly: Ont. health minister

Greg Bonnell
Canadian Press

Thursday, February 17, 2005"

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentines Day-Some Advice on Relationships

10 tips to bring romance to your relationship...
1. Communicate-talk together and share feelings and perspectives.
2. Get over any anger and resentment from past experiences.
3. Make your partner a priority in your life.
4. Be romantic yourself. Don't wait for your partner to be romantic first.
5. Open up your heart.
6. Be Spontaneous and creative and frequently try something new together.
7. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable--give love first.
8. Create a special space for the two of you whenever possible to develop intimacy.
9. Be respectful to each other both privately and in public.
10. Be passionate and share inspirations within the relationship.

....and 10 ways to lose that lovin' feeling!
1. Not communicating -keeping everything bottled up inside.
2. Not showing you care about your partner's problems, dreams and hopes.
3. Poor hygiene, such as infrequent bathing, lack of care with appearance.
4. Constant criticism without occasional praise and support.
5. Slovenly habits or, conversely, being too neat.
6. Lack of respect and admiration, especially in public.
7. Forgetting birthdays and other special occasions.
8. Sexual selfishness.
9. Dishonesty and irresponsibility.
10. Lack of a sense of humour.
....Happy Valentines Day!