Friday, June 12, 2009

Gmail - Daily Dose - 4 tips for battling stress -

Gmail - Daily Dose - 4 tips for battling stress -

4 tips for battling stress

They won't make stress go away, and they're not exactly the equivalent of a two-week Mediterranean cruise, but they'll help.


When you bottle things up, you're just adding to the pile of cumulative stress. I'm not saying you need to flip out and scream at everyone around you, but when the going gets tough, it doesn't mean that you should just nod quietly and accept your bad luck. By asserting yourself and your opinion without losing control, you're actually venting stress.


Get a hobby, or don't be shy about throwing yourself into the one that you already have. By concentrating your mind on the thing that brings you the most joy, you're actually sloughing off stress, and giving your mind and body the time to recover. It's like a mini- vacation.


Nothing's more stressful than a deadline, and it only gets worse the closer it gets. If you can turn yourself in a better time manager, even the biggest project can be tackled with less stress.


Yup, another cliché. But like so many, it's true. Both laughing and crying are enormously effective ways to vent stress. Emotions are there for a reason: use them. Bottling them up leads to more stress.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

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