Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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Advisor.ca - Growing your business: "Earn client confidence: an eight-point checklist
Jeff Thorsteinson

(February 2007) 'If you have confidence in your lure, you will catch fish,' says one of the millionaires interviewed by Thomas J. Stanley in his book The Millionaire Mind.
There's wisdom for advisors in those words. When it comes right down to it, confidence is the key to success in this business. Everything you do as an advisor, whether selecting investments, building financial plans, or creating a customized client service process, is all intended to earn the confidence of your ideal client. That confidence in hand, you can build the practice you want — with the clients you want.
I realize there are a number of coaches out there who tout a reality that just doesn't jive with this, but it is certainly within your reality to corral a group and instill confidence about your ability to achieve for them. "