Thursday, March 16, 2006

Make you luck

Yahoo! Mail - "Clever Ways to Create Your Own Luck
Susan RoAne
y first book, How to Work a Room, was rejected by more than 20 publishers. Then a friend suggested that I attend the American Library Association's convention. I had the flu that day and didn't want to go. I went anyway -- and wound up meeting the publisher who said yes to my book. It went on to sell well over a million copies.

Was I lucky? Yes -- but only because I took an active step toward good fortune, rather than waiting for fortune to find me.
Lucky people always are on the lookout for 'you never know' moments, chance encounters that open doors to all sorts of possibilities. Here's how to find and maximize those opportunities...
Talk to strangers. It's the people you don't know who bring new opportunities to your doorstep. Example: A couple went to the opera and started a conversation with the couple seated next to them. During intermission, the second couple decided to leave early -- and asked the first couple if they would like to have their tickets to the postopera gala ball. It never would have happened without the chitchat. Helpful...
Focus on what you have in common. When you're in the same place with a stranger -- a charity fundraiser, for example, or your child's school -- you have something in common just by being there. It gives you something to talk about.
Wear something that invites people to talk to you. Madeleine Albright, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, often wore a large brooch because it was a conversation starter. Men can wear ties that reflect their interests, such as one from an art museum or a boater's club.
Smile and say hello. Make eye contact. Show that you're approachable, even if you'"

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