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Foreverhealthy - Articles: "THE POWER OF �LIVING� WATER
by Wayne Gendel May 2003
LONGEVITY Is Associated with Drinking Mineralized Oxygen Rich Natural Pure �Living� Water!
Premature Aging Comes From Drinking Distilled &/Or Non Filtered & Polluted Dead Waters!
Like a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, a good glass of water is pure, clean and alive! It is refreshing and satisfying. Drinking water is 1 of the 3 most important things we do every day! The other two are eating and sleeping! Interesting how most of us spend very little time understanding and learning about water! Even less than healthy eating or sleeping, and not that most have much knowledge in those areas! Hopefully one day schools and more people will understand the importance and power of water in its effects on our health. Most people will take weeks researching stereos or cell phones! And yet water effects our health more than virtually anything else we do on a daily basis!
Let�s find out how to drink the water of the longest lived healthiest people on the planet!
First let�s understand what NOT to drink! PLEASE do NOT drink plain Distilled, Reverse Osmosis (R.O) or unfiltered tap or most spring waters on a daily basis! They are DEAD waters! Of course the occasional glass is fine. I hope you agree that drinking unfiltered tap water could be hazardous to your health because of parasites, chlorine, fluoride, dioxins, heavy metals and a host of dangerous chemicals! Would you let a baby drink tap water? There are now over 75,000 chemicals on record produced in the world! Many can and do get in the water supply. Most of these chemicals can cause bladder and kidney cancers as well as nervous system damage. (11)
Many mimic our estrogen and are commonly referred to as xeno-estrogens. Excess estrogen is associated with "