Thursday, June 29, 2006

Whining Ways

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Whining is one of the childhood behaviors most disliked by adults -- it's plain annoying, grating and unproductive. Meanwhile, it's also a behavior that many adults still engage in -- a lot. In fact, according to Lauren Zander, Principal of The Handel Group, a consultancy that helps corporations to flourish by helping individuals to reach their true potetntial within the organization and Meredith Haberfeld, CEO of Handel Group subsidiary Personal-Evolution, most adults have carefully disguised their whining by removing the irritating intonation from their voice or simply by doing most of their whining in their own heads, to a spouse or to a best friend. But that doesn't make whining any less toxic.
No matter the form, whining is highly unproductive for the simple reason that it takes the place of proactively taking action to change things. As such, it becomes a major stumbling block standing in the way of healthier habits, a richer and more fulfilling life and better, more loving relationships. Once you're aware of how prevalent whining is, you'll understand why I wanted to share Lauren and Meredith's philosophy on how to rid ourselves and our world of whining.
People whine when they feel powerless -- or at least when they think they're powerless. Children form the habit of whining because they quickly learn it can get them something they want that they can't (or choose not to) get for themselves. Say a chil"

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