Monday, December 25, 2006

The meaning of Christmas

Banning Christmas trees in court houses -the cancerous political correctness and other nonsense prevelant today - misses the point of what Christmas really means - Editorial - The meaning of Christmas: "The true meaning of Christmas lies in marking and celebrating the birth of the Christ child tomorrow.
  • We do that through prayers and worship, both privately and in church.
  • We do it by sharing the joy of the season with family and friends.
  • By comforting the afflicted and, if we can afford it, donating to worthy charities such as the Salvation Army.
  • That said, there's nothing wrong with giving presents to those we love, as long as they are genuine expressions of love and affection intended to make them happy, not put pressure on them to reciprocate. And as long as we can afford to give what we're getting them.
    The problem is that those who regard Christmas as ONLY about gifts, trees and decorations miss the point.

The real way to celebrate Christmas is through our generosity toward others, measured not by the thickness of our wallets, but by the size of our hearts.

Have a Merry Christmas. "

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