Friday, December 14, 2007

The 5 users you meet in hell (and one you'll find in heaven)

Relationships in business are like personal relationships. Having just been savaged by an essential monopoly such as a vampire telephone monopoly of Emily persuasion you get angry. Having wasted huge amounts of money and time with minor results is always frustrating .
Foolishly you lash out at those closest at hand . Bad idea -use that energy against your tormentors not your friends and allies. The moral of the story is to torment the tormentors not your allies . mvi

The 5 users you meet in hell (and one you'll find in heaven): "The 5 users you meet in hell (and one you'll find in heaven)
Lisa DiCarlo
December 12, 2007 (Computerworld) Ah, end users. We sure do love them. Why, most of us wouldn't have jobs without them. But that doesn't mean users don't drive IT crazy sometimes, or maybe most of the time.
Just as a zookeeper cares for his monkeys one way and his rhinos another (we kid -- sort of), so too should IT tailor its responses to fit the individual styles of its end users, support managers say.
One thing's for certain: Cordial or otherwise, interaction between support staff and end users is only expected to rise. Demand for IT support services continues to increase as new systems and applications are implemented, according to a 2006 survey by, which provides research and trend data to the customer support and help desk industries.
At the same time, some 43% of survey respondents said their budgets were either being cut or staying put -- meaning it's a fair assumption that IT help desks are stretched pretty thin these days. And that pressure only adds to an already demanding, difficult and sometimes thankless job.

A rogue's gallery of users (and one angel)

The Know-It-All
The Know-Nothing
Mr. Entitlement
The Finger-Pointer
The Twentysomething Whiz Kid
The Dream User"

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