Monday, December 17, 2007

Family Time Calendar: Get Together - iVillage

Family Time Calendar: Get Together - iVillage: "Family Phone Chain
by Stacia Ragolia

Just a few weeks ago, you may have felt that you had had enough of your extended family. And now, of course, you and the kids are missing them all. It's too expensive to call each and every one of them, but why not use the principle of the game Telephone to get in touch with everyone by having them get in touch with each other.
What you'll need:

Your phone
Your phone book

What you'll do:
Choose one relative to call. After catching up with her, instruct her to call another person in the family, and tell her to pass it on. Eventually, the phone chain will make its way back to you and you can find out what everyone else in the family has been doing!"

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