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Pandemic panic still doesn't add up

The feds, Big Pharma and doctors who should know better are all lining up to tell you how safe the swine flu shot is.

Don't you fall for it! Almost every day, I'm seeing new stories about misled people who roll up their sleeves for that "safe" vaccine... and then pass out, get sick or even die.

Let's get real here and look at the facts, not media hysterics.

A 14-year-old athlete in Virginia can barely walk after his swine flu shot. He's struggling with Guillain-Barre syndrome after his vaccine. A young woman in France is facing the same battle – again, right after a swine flu shot.

By some estimates, there was an eight-fold increase in Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare and debilitating autoimmune disorder that can lead to paralysis and death, after the 1976 swine flu vaccination panic.

Are we facing the same thing now? It's hard to say, but clearly something is going on with these dangerous needles.

In China, two people dropped dead right after getting vaccinated. In New York, nurses gave swine flu shots to at least two kids without permission from their parents – sending one of the kids, a 6-year-old epileptic, to the hospital. And U.S. medical workers are fighting courtroom battles to protect their rights and avoid mandatory flu shots.

The contradictions here are endless. On the one hand, the Centers for Disease Control has advised against testing for H1N1 flu since July.

On the other, a new swine flu detection test was just given fast-track approval by the FDA.

The CDC says we don't need to count individual cases anymore... yet everywhere you turn, there are new numbers being tossed around from all directions.

How do we know people are sick if we're not counting them? Why do we need a new and unproven test for the disease if we no longer need to test for it?

Now, Big Pharma is saying maybe people only need half a dose of the swine flu vaccine to get full protection... after telling some people they'd need as many as two or even three doses (Side note: I'll bet my lab coat you'll pay just as much for that half a dirty dose as you do a full one).

Plenty of people have already gotten that now-excessive full dose... with many children getting two shots. Does that mean they've gotten quadruple what they need?

Yes, there's a lot more to this picture than they're letting any of us see... and it may be years before the truth finally comes out.

You've been warned.

And that's not the only health scandal – keep reading to find out how the government is failing to protect you from a common toxin.

Supercharge your favorite food into a SUPERFOOD

First it was broccoli... Then pomegranate... And now acai? I can't even pronounce it -- and, I don't know about you, but I certainly can't find it in my supermarket. But if you listen to the health "experts," these so-called "superfoods" are the ONLY WAY to get -- and stay -- healthy.

Want to know the truth?

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Common chemical linked to erectile dysfunction

A common chemical in plastics is making men a lot less manly.

A study in China finds that bisphenol A – better known as BPA – can cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

It's a crime that we're still debating the safety of this toxic chemical, with our own government playing blind, deaf, dumb and stupid. This is quickly turning into one of the biggest health scandals in generations.

This estrogen-like chemical has been used for years to make plastics stronger and prevent corrosion in cans. Pretty much all of us have been exposed to it, many of us in amounts much greater than what the Environmental Protection Agency thinks is safe.

Believe me, it's not safe. BPA has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, brain disorders, hormonal disruption, early puberty in girls, irregular heartbeat, fertility problems and, now, erectile dysfunction.

The Chinese study looked at humans, not lab rats – real men who worked in a factory that produces BPA, and compared them to men who worked in BPA-free factories.

The researchers found a direct connection between BPA exposure and sexual dysfunction. The greater the exposure, the greater the odds of sex problems.

What's more, they found that even workers who were at the BPA-producing factory for just one year had increased odds of sexual dysfunction.

Sure, they may have been exposed to higher concentrations of this toxin... but many of us have been exposed to steady amounts of BPA since birth. Until recently, it was a common ingredient in plastic baby bottles – yet another reason you should be extra thankful if your mother had the good sense to breastfeed you.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam is acting more like an old man with dementia... ignoring the real data as this junk continues to flow through bottles, cans and our own bodies. More than a year ago, the FDA actually issued a draft report saying BPA was probably safe. I'm guessing they did this in between naps.

If you're wondering how they could possibly reach that conclusion, it's because they used studies provided by the chemical industry.

They wouldn't lie to us... would they?

Some people aren't waiting. After state lawmakers threatened to intervene, the major manufacturers of baby bottles have stopped using this toxic chemical. If they can make the switch without destroying their industry, I'm pretty sure all the other companies that use this garbage can find their own BPA-free solutions as well.

In the meantime, don't eat anything out of a can or bottle if you can avoid it. Most of the stuff inside is the worst form of imitation food anyway, so you're not missing much... except a chance at being exposed to a toxic chemical.

Talking truth about toxins,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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