Thursday, December 24, 2009

Invitation: Koc Bood clinic @ Thu Dec 31 8am - 12pm (

Koc Bood clinic

Blood Clinic sponsored by St Pius X Knight's of Columbus

December 31st at the boys and girl's club in west brant,

I have found that a blood clinic is a great time to talk about family, sports and is great for bonding as a council, it starts at 8am an is finished at 12 noon, so if you can drop in for a few minutes or a few hrs. i would appreciated it,


Food for thought
May we, who call ourselves Christians or followers of Christ, never have to wait 'till Christmas to hear the bells of peace and reason ,true charity ring out or allow the purveyors of political correctness to silence the bells of peace,personal joy, individual rights or reason
Thu Dec 31 8am – 12pm Eastern Time - Toronto
Boys and Girls club West Brant ,Brantford (map)
Sieg Holle - organizer

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